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COVID Safety Information

September 2020

Precautions you must take for your safety from COVID-19:

  • Do not enter the house if you have COVID-19 symptoms – high temperature, new, continuous cough or any loss of taste or smell
  • Use hand sanitiser provided on entering the house
  • Group organiser to ensure contact details sheet for track and trace is completed correctly
  • Use your own toilet where possible
  • Wash or sanitise your hands frequently
  • If you use either of the 2 additional toilets on the ground floor wipe the toilet and sink before and after use with the disinfectant wipes provided
  • Clean the kitchen surfaces frequently with disinfectant spray provided
  • Spay and wipe all surfaces which are touched frequently e.g. doors and handles, at least twice per day

Precautions we take for your safety from COVID-19:

  • We are members of Association of Professional Self Caterers and have carried out a specific COVID-19 safe risk assessment which we regularly review.
  • At least 72 hours are left between the departure of one group and the arrival of another
  • Staff are trained in COVID-19 cleaning and wear protective gloves, masks and aprons
  • Cleaning staff follow a strict cleaning checklist and protocol. Additional checks by owner before arrival
  • Hand sanitiser and disposable paper towels provided
  • NHS information sheet “What you need to do if you fall ill with COVID-19 symptoms whilst vising” laminated and placed with house information